Title and Date of Commencement 
The group shall be known as:-
The Landscape Training Group
and shall be constituted from 1.10.90

The primary purpose of the group is to provide group members, their families and employees with the craft, technical and management skills to benefit the business and personal development. This will be achieved through constant training needs assessment and high quality training based on LANTRA, National Standards or other nationally recognised programmes using approved Instructors and systems.

Full member:- must be companies or individuals operating mainly in the field of landscaping or related industries. The minimum period of membership is one year.
Corporate member:- (non-voting), that is a division of a larger organisation whose primary activity will be outside horticulture. A representative of a Corporate Company Member can be co-opted on to the committee. 
Non-member:- An organisation or individual requiring training who do not wish / do not qualify for membership.
All requests for membership must be passed before the committee, either at a meeting or via e-mail

The members shall annually elect from the membership a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and a Management Committee comprising of at least 2 members in addition to the officers, in accordance with article 7.
The officers appointed, as well as the composition of the Management Committee, to be listed in the appendix. A person may not stand for re-election as Chairman for more than three consecutive years, and may not be re-elected in the four-year period immediately following a period of office as group Chairman.
Whenever possible the retiring Chairman should continue to serve on the Management Committee for the two year period following his/her term of office.

Training Officer 
The group, through it’s elected officers, shall invite persons of experience and qualifications to tender for a contract to provide administration and training services, and will negotiate and agree the terms of this contract with the person(s) considered most suitable. The contract should state the intervals at which the contract and the related fees are to be re-negotiated.

The Management Committee shall meet as often as necessary to carry out the day to day business of the Group and make and execute such decisions as are necessary in the name of the Group.
The Management Committee shall agree with the Training provider the order of priority in which activities will be set to form the Group Training Programme, and towards fulfilling the immediate business plan.
The Management Committee shall report all its activities to an Annual General Meeting in accordance with Article 8(e). Quorum....As item 7d, plus committee, plus one.

General and Extraordinary Meetings
a) General meetings of the group shall be held annually; not more than fifteen months shall elapse between the date of one Annual General Meeting and that of the next. At least two weeks notice in writing of a General Meeting shall be given to all members.
b) Extraordinary Meetings may be convened by the Chairman or by one third of the members. Two weeks notice of an Extraordinary Meeting shall be given to all members.
c) Voting... each full member shall have one vote, which may be given in person or by proxy appointed in writing.
d) Quorum... the presence or representation by proxy of at least one-third of all members plus one shall constitute a quorum.
e) Decisions shall be by majority vote of those attending or represented by proxy.

a) Members shall pay a subscription to the group annually on the 1 August, membership running from 1 September, the amount to be decided by majority vote at the Annual General Meeting.
b) Course Fees will be levied as appropriate and in accordance with the terms agreed by majority vote at the Annual General Meeting. Such fees would usually be non-returnable.
c) The Treasurer shall open a bank account in the name of the group with the HSBC.
d) The group shall be responsible for making its own arrangements for the withdrawal and payment to persons of sums from the Group bank account. The Chairman, Treasurer and Training Provider will normally be co-signatories with two of the three signatures required.
e) The Treasurer shall prepare an Annual statement of Income and Expenditure and a statement of Assets and Liabilities which shall be presented by the Management Committee after audit.

Any member or member business may withdraw from the Group at the end of its membership year by writing a letter of intention to the Chairman of the Landscape Training Group.

Winding up
The Group may be wound up if two-thirds or more of the members so desire by their giving three months notice in writing to the Chairman of the Group. In this event the assets and liabilities of the Group shall be shared between the members in such a manner as the members may by agreement amongst themselves determine.

Amendments to the Constitution
Must be ratified at an EGM or AGM prior to implementation.

Cessation of a Business
On cessation of the business or being declared bankrupt the membership shall be deemed to be terminated.

Legal Status
The Training Group has no legal existence apart from the members of which it is composed. The members of the Group do however have duties and liabilities towards each other as a result of being part of the Group.

Liability for Debt
Group members shall have equal possession of assets and equal liability for Group debts. The liability of the Management Committee and it’s officer shall
not exceed the liability of a Group member unless negligence or fault is proved
in court.